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We care about your privacy.

For this reason, we collect only the information necessary for providing you with our services. The personal information we collect includes:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. E-mail Address
  5. PayPal account

Other data collected that could potentially identify you directly or indirectly.

Our privacy policy aims to transparently describe how we collect data, and how and why we use your personal information. It also describes the options we provide for accessing, updating or otherwise controlling your personal information that we process.

This site does not provide any personal information about customers and users to third parties and does not use it in a manner not disclosed in this privacy statement.

Your personal data is used to process orders, payments, deliveries and provide individual purchases, respond to e-mail requests and confirmations, provide free gifts, promotional offers, send marketing news, and information about promotional offers.

If you are a registered user, you can customize, update or delete your personal information at any time by logging in to your account. Upon request, you can get a summary of your personal data stored with us. You may also request that we correct or remove your personal information. To make the above request or if you have any other questions about our privacy policy, please send us a request via the contact form on the Site, contact us by phone or the address provided on the Site. Measures to protect your personal information stored with us are the following: firewall, limited access to passwords and other technological and procedural guarantees for the maintenance of the site.

Although we have applied the above measures, you should know that 100% security is not possible.

We use Google Analytics cookies to see where, when and on which page the user reaches the site. We use standard WordPress cookies that count how many times the page is visited. They do not contain personal information.

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors between individual locations. Their goal is to show ads that are relevant and attractive to individual users, which makes them more useful for ad publishers and third-party advertisers. This site does not use marketing cookies.

How do you stop cookies? To learn more about the use of advertiser cookies, the following links may be helpful:

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU)

Internet Advertising Bureau (SAD)

Internet Advertising Bureau (EU)

Search engine manufacturers provide help pages regarding the management of cookies in their products.

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This can make your next visit easier and make the site you visit more useful. Cookies are used for many purposes – to remember your preferences and settings for viewing, font, site language, providing you with interesting ads, tracking page visits, and more. Websites often collect information about how users interact with them – this can include the pages they visit most often, whether they receive error messages from some of them, how they navigate the site, and similar information.

Based on the analysis of this information, action is taken to improve the services and performance of sites for user and uninterrupted user experience. Types of cookies: “Session cookies” Session cookies allow you to be recognized during a week-long visit to the website on other pages of the site.

Session cookies are temporary and their action ends when you close your browser or exit the site. Permanent cookies

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These are cookies for storing information to record site performance and demographic ads, interests, session duration, and so on. This site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service, without personal identification of individual visitors, offered by Google, Inc. This information is used by us only for statistical purposes and to identify broken connections or errors.

We do not disclose information to third parties. Cookies are not used for purposes not listed here. How to control cookies? You can control and / or delete cookies whenever you want.

For more information, visit You can delete all or selected cookies already stored on your computer, or you can set most browsers to block them. However, if you do so, you may need to manually adjust some parameters each time you visit the site, and some services and features may fail. By closing the notification or continuing to interact with this website, you agree that we use cookies.