Web Hosting

With every VipeHost package you get Let’s Encrypt SSL, the padlock HTTPS will be visible on your website. Every website without SSL gets flagged as unsafe by Google, and more importantly, the website is actually unsafe.
With every VipeHost package, you get a cPanel and offsite daily incremental JetBackup. Incremental backup means that only the changes made from the previous backed-up version will get saved and that the recourses will not be spent on creating a whole site backup every day. This saves a lot of your server recourses.
With cPanel you also get Installatron for a one-click WordPress installation. If you need email hosting we suggest you use the RoundCube application directly from cPanel to access your emails, as it matches the Gmail structure the most.

A perfect fit hosting packages
With the starting price for the LITE package at 2,3€ per month, you get enough recourses to start your own blog or a presentational website for your business.
There is a variety of packages at all price points and different resource allocations to find a perfect fit for your needs. If you are not sure which one suits you, contact our support and we will find a perfect solution for you.

Hosting for WordPress Presentational Websites
A simple hosting solution with access to the WordPress admin section. Website maintenance is included in the package. If you want to have no worries about your website running smoothly, WodrPress and VipeHost are perfect solutions.

All WordPress Hosting packages

Hosting for E-Commerce Websites
A hosting plan for WooCommerce shops. Optimized for providing the best visitor experience, as every loading second is a customer loss.

All WooCommerce Hosting packages

Business e-mail hosting for a high volume of traffic

E-mail management app maintenance can be really demanding and expensive. We are here to provide you with email safety, easy access, and for your emails to meet all industry standards.